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[dave] lalala
[cheryloakes] hi
[Alex.Ragone] Greetings!
[Alex.Ragone] 5 minutes until showtime...
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[dave] oh yes...
[dave] that's right alex
[dave] we haven't the vaguest idea of how to do that
[dave] hee hee
[dave] imagine trying to build a java chat applet
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[dave] http://www.youos.com
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[dave] hee hee
[arvind_grover] Bill Fitzgerald from http://www.funnymonkey.com
[arvind_grover] Steve Kossakoski - Assistant Superintendent, Technology & Research for SAU-16 in Exeter, NH
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[arvind_grover] welcome all
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[arvind_grover] sorry for the technical trouble
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[cheryloakes] much better
[arvind_grover] thanks cheryl
[dave] http://elgg.educationbridges.net
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[dave] dave wins
[arvind_grover] go dave!
[arvind_grover] Bill Fitzgerald working with Elgg, Moodle, Drupal integrations
[arvind_grover] http://www.elgg.org
[arvind_grover] http://www.moodle.org
[arvind_grover] http://www.drupal.org
[Alex.Ragone] You beat me to that, Arvind.
[arvind_grover] single-signon being worked on for all these applications
[arvind_grover] open id being used to try and devlop single-signon: http://www.openid.net/
[arvind_grover] how do your teachers write recommendations? what do students present to them? could an Elgg portfolio fill that need for a recommender to learn about a student? How so?
[arvind_grover] http://bssd.org/ Bearing Strait School District
[arvind_grover] http://www.k12opensource.com/ wiki for open source information for schools
[cheryloakes] will listen to the rest in a podcast. gotta go.
[dave] bye cheryl
[arvind_grover] Steve Hargadon and k12opensource.com starting webcasts on open source software in education
[arvind_grover] bye cheryl
[cheryloakes] bye, later
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[cwe] When is that webcast?
[arvind_grover] The webcast is on Thursday July 27 with David Thornburg
[arvind_grover] http://k12opensource.wikispaces.com/Podcasts
[arvind_grover] leave questions for David there beforehand
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[Alex.Ragone] open id -- to allow many folks to authenticate to a moodle, elgg, or drupal server.
[arvind_grover] people from within your organization and even people from outside your organization if you want to
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[dave] more talking about accessibility in the financial sense
[dave] ah...
[dave] there we go
[dave] agreed
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